CEO End of Year Message 2022

If I had to summarize the theme of this year, I would say that it’s been ‘a year of significant growth’ – including adding new members to the Torx® Software team, expanding our global customer base and advancing the capabilities within the Torx platform itself.

I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone whose support and hard work has contributed to the growth we’ve seen this year, as we aim to transform the way that drug discovery teams work together to deliver faster.

New advances in Torx sparked by your ideas

We’ve welcomed many new customers in 2022, including our first sales of the complete Torx platform (Design, Make, Test and Analyze) which was launched in September last year. The four standalone modules work in synergy to deliver a holistic drug discovery cycle solution. With new customers comes a welcome influx of suggestions and ideas for us to add or improve in the platform. Adopting your suggestions is central to our philosophy for building applications that solve your real-world challenges in productivity and collaboration.

A significant area that we’ve focused on this year is enhancing Torx for use in a corporate environment. To illustrate this, we have developed a system in Torx Design that enables embedded web pages to have both read and write access to the rich molecule data within Torx. This enables users to rapidly develop standalone services that can be seamlessly incorporated within the platform.

Equally, in Torx Test and Torx Make, we have developed a wide range of integrations with numerous corporate registration systems. Each integration has enhanced information flow and capture that taken together, provide significant productivity gains for medicinal chemists and research managers.

Continuing to connect with you out on the road

This year, I have met with more of you at in-person events and site visits than ever before, which I have found both inspiring and pleasurable. Looking to 2023, I’m looking forward to repeating this both personally, and with our ever-expanding team.

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Seasons greetings from Torx 2022

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