Streamlining Small Molecule Discovery With Torx™

The ubiquitous Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) cycle provides a conerstone for drug discovery teams to consider and improve productivity. The challenge is one of communication between team members and information silos, both internally and across multiple organizations as companies turn to outsourcing in response to increasing R&D demands and costs.

In my article 'Streamlining small molecule discovery with Torx™' (GEN, September 2021), I explore how Torx can act as a centralized information repository that allows scientists and research managers to capture, share and evaluate all ideas and gained knowledge. Torx connects all internal team members and outsourced partners working across the entire DMTA cycle in a single, chemistry aware web-based platform. I further explain how this promotes effective team working and knowledge exchange to drive productivity and accelerate research progress.

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