Torx™ Analyze

Inspire design through insightful analysis

Torx Analyze enables easy and rapid analysis of Torx Test results to feed your next design cycle. Using all your project data or just a fraction, you will create 2D and 3D scatterplots, bar graphs and box plots, and view the activty, cell penetration or other data in a R-group decomposition tables. Study the test data for single molecules on dedicated cards to understand your progress to your multi-parameter goal. Torx Analyze makes it possible for you to go further, combining the linked plots with the binding pose of each molecule, retrieved from a central store or calculated on the fly using the integrated docking and ligand alignment routines, to gain insights that 2D analysis alone would miss.

The unique plugin system in Torx Analyze enables your entire project team to create and share informative views of the project data, whether 3D docking poses, R-group analysis, crystal structures or traditional plots and graphs. While customization enables organizations to create plugins that work specifically with their proprietary data.

Use Torx to understand your project data, capturing key outcomes from hypotheses and progress to the next best design.

  • Inform your next design cycle with insightful analysis of past compounds
  • Find hidden relationships though R-group decomposition
  • Create detailed, 3D plots to highlight key data points and linkages
  • Gain a 3D view of every compound using the in-built docking and alignment engines
  • Linked 2D and 3D analyses provide insights that 2D analysis cannot find alone

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