Torx® Analyze

Inspire design through insightful analysis

Capture all key data and outcomes to progress to the next best design


Extensive analysis for design

Inform the next iteration of your molecule design cycle and through detailed analysis of past compounds. Create and share informative views of project data using customizable plugins that work with your proprietary data.

As an optional add-on to Torx Design, Torx Analyze enables medicinal chemists to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your compounds by combining data from multiple locations into a single table 
  • Identify important trends and linkages from 2D and 3D scatter plots, box plots, histograms and pie chart
  • Understand the binding requirements of your protein target through analysis of the 3D poses of your molecules
  • Focus your design strategy by combining docking results with biological data in a single location

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Analyze_Select molecules

Torx Analyze: Select molecules in the plot to compare in the 3D Viewer

Your DMTA cycle needs Torx®