Torx™ Design

Make better design decisions using all the relevant information you have

Information comes in many formats. Torx gives you an environment to layout your key data the way you need it. Using customizable plugins you can see information from diverse sources as you design your next molecule. This could be simple properties, complex AI models, 3D poses or retrosynthesis predictions. Whatever the format of the infomation you have, Torx can present it to you.

Whatever information layout you choose you can keep this as you collaborate with your coworkers in shared sessions, seeing their molecules in your environment.

  • Sketch ideas and get immediate feedback in an information rich environment
  • Live 3D information to enhance your designs
  • Use plugins to get your information into Torx
  • Use shared sessions to share and collaborate on design ideas
  • Molecules flow through Torx Design and into Torx Make

Your DMTA cycle needs Torx

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