Torx® Design

Enhance molecule design by accessing all key project information

Sketch and share new molecule ideas in your custom information-rich design environment

Make informed design decisions

Information comes in many formats. Torx Design gives you an environment to lay out your key data the way you need it to make informed decisions around molecule design. 

  • Sketch designs in an information-rich environment using input from critical physico-chemical and 3D pose information
  • Fully configure your design environment using customizable plugins
  • Connect to and transfer information freely from third-party tools using a simple API
  • Better KPI monitoring and learning from a comprehensive database of project information

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Design_Watch live updates

Torx Design: Watch live updates in the 3D viewer and Properties plugin as your molecule grows

A collaborative approach to design

Connect medicinal and computational chemists through a single platform, to enhance cross-team cooperation and accelerate the design of new small molecules.

  • Share designs and associated information through a single application
  • Get immediate feedback on designs
  • Keep your chosen layout as you collaborate with coworkers in live shared sessions, seeing their molecules in your environment
  • Gain valuable insight from synthetic chemists ahead of review meetings
  • Transfer designs approved for synthesis seamlessly into Torx Make

Design_Review and feedback on designs in real time using live shared sessions

Review and feedback on designs in real-time using live shared sessions

Your DMTA cycle needs Torx®

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