Torx™ Make

Track compound synthesis from start to finish for enhanced productivity and efficiency

Following the design step, the next biggest challenge for chemistry teams is to prioritize compounds for synthesis, plan and coordinate allocation of work and ultimately track progress in real-time. This can be a logistical challenge when your project teams are using multiple applications such as email, slides, documents and spreadsheets and can be further complicated when CROs are part of the team.

Torx Make unites your entire chemistry team on a single platform giving real-time visibility of both planned and current work; the intuitive Kanban style approach is highly visual and deeply aware of chemical structures, designs, hypotheses and more.

Use Torx to track the chemistry progress of all your projects, whether the work is carried out in-house or outsourced.

  • Collate individual compounds into hypothesis-centric design tickets
  • Easily prioritize which compounds to progress to synthesis
  • Share ideas and compounds privately with partner organizations, e.g., your CROs
  • Know exactly which chemists are assigned to which compounds
  • Report synthetic progress in real-time
  • View progress across all projects within your organization
  • Export data for KPI analysis
  • Decrease cycle times and enhance productivity and efficiency

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