Torx™ Test

Seamlessly request compound tests and monitor progress in real time

Generating data for analysis against design hypotheses requires chemistry teams to submit test requests to multiple project assays for synthesized compounds. In turn, test teams need to manage requests across multiple projects, plan and coordinate allocation of work whilst reporting progress. Chemistry teams will analyze the initial test data and often request new tests to further understand the compound profile. Traditionally managed using disconnected methods including spreadsheets, email, telephone calls and meetings; testing resource can quickly become reduced due to administrative burden.

Torx Test connects chemistry and test teams on a common platform for seamless real-time communication. Chemistry teams utilize automated and manual test request submission from Torx Make and test teams (including CROs) can prioritize and allocate resources for delivery whilst automatically updating chemistry teams on progress making the most of the scientific resource available.

Use Torx to track the progress of all your project compound test requests, whether the work is carried out in-house or outsourced.

  • Project chemistry teams select default tests for all newly synthesised compounds

  •  Test selection can easily be modified for specific compounds

  • Test requests automatically submitted upon compound registration

  • Test teams see requests across projects & allocate resource for delivery

  • Chemistry teams see real-time progress of test requests

  • Follow-up tests are easily requested

  • Export data for KPI analysis

  • Decrease cycle times and enhance productivity and efficiency

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