Why Torx®

A top 10 global pharmaceutical company says:

"The ability to see progress across projects for design and synthesis helps us work out where there are hold-ups so we can make informed resourcing decisions"

Torx for medicinal chemists

  • Capture and share all project compounds, hypotheses and challenges
  • Ensure clear prioritization and assignment of all compounds 
  • Plan experiments more efficiently with foresight on workload 
  • Share research progress in real-time without laborious reporting
  • Understand the status of all designs and compounds within the discovery cycle 
  • Inform next iteration of design using live project queries and analyses 

Torx for research managers

  • Allocate resources more effectively with visibility across all projects 
  • Capture all project knowledge in one place to know what is being worked on and avoid unnecessary duplication
  • Monitor project progress in real-time without laborious reporting and less time spent in meetings
  • Reporting of KPIs and cycle times from automatic progress tracking
  • Securely connect all team members and collaborators in a single web-based platform
  • Insightful decision making at every stage of the DMTA cycle
  • Easily upscale operations as users increase
  • Seamless end-to-end experience with wholly outsourced IT

Torx explainer video thumbnail

Streamlining communication within discovery teams increases productivity and helps build effective working relationships with CRO partners and other collaborators. Watch this short video which explains how Torx can add value to your projects.

Torx for CROs and service providers

  • Secure, real-time dialogue and reporting with every client
  • Spend more time delivering on your projects by reducing time generating reports and slide decks
  • Work securely and confidently with a comprehensive view of synthesis targets across all projects
  • Make better design and synthesis decisions with facile retrieval of exact and similar compounds

Torx for computational chemists

  • Expert models recognized and adopted by a wider user community 
  • Easily share results from computational experiments with the wider team 
  • Facilitate communication with medicinal chemists 
  • Real-time exchange of ideas and hypotheses 
  • Easy communication of 3D structures to speed up compound prioritization 

Design_Why comp chem

Facilitate communication between computational chemists and medicinal chemists to exchange ideas and hypotheses

Your DMTA cycle needs Torx®

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