Torx® / C&EN White Paper

Cloud-based solutions: enhancing AI-human interaction for faster drug discovery

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to speed early stages of drug discovery. Yet harnessing its power requires optimizing how information from AI is transferred to researchers whose intuition is key to selecting drug candidates to move forward in a pipeline.

Key objectives:

  • Read a case study of augmented intelligence in action, where Torx Design and Torx Make supported information transfer from AI to a global team of scientists
  • Learn how harnessing the potential of AI for drug discovery depends on smoothing the interface between its output and researchers with medicinal chemistry intuition
  • See how cloud-based platforms such as Torx support collaboration through smooth knowledge and data transfer during the design and make stages of drug discovery

Torx Design enables molecule comparison

Figure 1: Torx Design enables potential molecules to be easily compared.

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