Your platform for small molecule discovery chemistry

Make better design decisions and track compound synthesis from start to finish

All small molecule chemistry teams go through a common DMTA process: design molecules, make or synthesize compounds, then test and analyze results before the next iteration. Torx Software supports hypothesis-driven drug discovery, promotes collaboration, and facilitates real-time information exchange to streamline the drug discovery process. 

Dedicated stand-alone modules for Design, Make, Test and Analyze work in synergy to give a complete platform. Work with one or more modules:

  • Torx Design: Make better design decisions using all the relevant information you have
  • Torx Make: Track compound synthesis from start to finish for enhanced productivity 
  • Torx Test: Seamlessly request compound tests and monitor progress in real time
  • Torx Analyze: Inspire design through insightful analysis

Your DMTA cycle needs Torx®

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