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Torx streamlines the entire small molecule discovery process by inspiring research teams to work together and deliver faster. The four dedicated modules work in synergy to deliver a complete DMTA cycle solution and are available separately or in combination. Request a demo via the web form and a member of our team will reach out to you to organize an initial call.

Learn more about the dedicated Torx modules for DMTA:

  • Torx Design: Enhance molecule design by accessing all key data and 3D pose information in your customizable design enviroment
  • Torx Make: Track compound synthesis, assignments and priorities from start to finish across all in-house and CRO projects
  • Torx Test: Automate assay scheduling for all synthesized compounds and monitor progress in real time
  • Torx Analyze: Gain a deeper understanding of your compounds through insightful analysis to inform next DMTA iteration

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