Cresset and Elixir collaborate to deliver efficiencies to the Design Make Test Analyze (DMTA) Cycle

Cambridge, UK – 15th October 2018 – Cresset, innovative provider of software and contract research services for small molecule discovery and design, and Elixir Software, provider of real-time workflow tracking applications, have formed an alliance whereby the combination of their technologies will form the basis of a new groundbreaking application, which will radically increase the efficiency of drug discovery by managing, analyzing and reporting all processes within and between projects.

“The modern paradigm in drug discovery is highly collaborative, both internally and externally, with design partners and CRO’s for instance. Key to making this paradigm efficient is effective real-time communications and the ability to manage and track all aspects of the Design, Make, Test, Analyze (DMTA) process.”, says Dr Robert Scoffin, CEO, Cresset.

“Elixir bring their cloud-based chemTraX platform to the collaboration; a highly visual DMTA workflow application for hypothesis capture, compound design prioritization and synthesis tracking. This will deliver improved/increased efficiencies wherever new molecule discovery is carried out.”, says Dr Paul Faulder, CEO, Elixir Software.

“Cresset bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the analysis and design of novel chemical entities. By combining these technologies, it is our ultimate vision to create a platform that enables efficient, modern drug discovery on a global scale and focusing on interactive communication and seamless collaboration amongst members of the discovery team.”, says Dr Tim Cheeseright, Director of Products, Cresset.

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