Why Torx?

Collaborative team working and information delivery for all roles in the DMTA cycle

The ability to see progress across projects for design and synthesis helps us work out where there are hold-ups so we can make informed resourcing decisions

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Torx Med Synth Chem

Torx for medicinal and synthetic chemists

The information you want at the moment you need it

Modern drug discovery uses information from an ever growing range of sources. From AI activity models to automated retrosynthesis you want to have access to the right information at the critical moment that decisions are made. Better information significantly increases the quality of your projects, helps reduce bottlenecks in processes and reduces costs.

Increasing information sources have further fragmented workflows and segregated data storage causing extended cycle times across diverse geographies.

Torx™ brings together these disparate information sources into a central platform. It enables you to join together each part of your cycle with the information that you have presented at the critical moment. Torx will enable you to smooth information flow leading to reduced cycle times and increased productivity.

Torx Research Manager

Torx for research managers

Faster quality candidate selection and new IP

Torx delivers an optimized DMTA workflow by:

  • avoiding context and task switching between different applications
  • bringing together disparate, relevant data to your discovery team
  • delivering relevant data for immediate review, thus avoiding the need to prepare PowerPoint® slides
  • enabling the design and actioning of new molecules to be synthesized
  • managing your synthesis resourcing and priorities

Torx can bring new IP to your project by:

  • facilitating ideation during team working sessions
  • capturing molecule provenance, idea-design-synthesis-analysis, in this novel design environment
  • allowing you to integrate your machine learning, or other computational chemistry, methods within your med chem workflows

Reduce time to quality candidate selection, a key objective across industry, by using the Torx platform to work through your DMTA cycles faster and more efficiently than you do today.

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