Managing multiple CRO partnerships with Torx Make

Torx Make Webinar June 2021


Delivery of synthesis targets (ideas, intermediates, remakes) within drug discovery can involve chemists across different locations and organizations. The access to skills, knowledge and reduced cost benefits from deploying a distributed team can also create complex challenges for efficiently managing the prioritization, assignment and delivery of agreed targets. In this webinar, you will learn how Torx Make simplifies the setup and delivery of synthesis targets by contract research organization (CRO) chemistry teams that are involved in different partnering relationships (equal partners, fee-for-service, competitive tendering). We will demonstrate how targets can be readily set up and all expectations managed with clarity and confidence through secure sharing, communication, alerting and in-application reporting. In short, you will understand how easy it becomes to instantly know the status of every compound target in the pursuit of your projects.

About the presenter 200x200_David H

With a career spanning more than 25 years across academia and pharmaceutical R&D at AstraZeneca, David has embraced synthetic and medicinal chemistry, the development of chemical technologies, and science policy, to successfully shape R&D. As well as overseeing medicinal chemistry programs and implementing technology platforms, David was responsible for early discovery outsourcing.

His extensive experience, from working with collaborators world-wide to understanding successful partnering, enables early phase drug discovery companies to benefit from the business process efficiency tools he has helped develop at Torx Software and Elixir Software.

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