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Coordinating molecule design across medicinal and computational chemistry using Torx Design™

Torx Design_Coordinating molecule design

Torx Design acts as a communication hub, where team members can capture, share and act upon all hypotheses and molecule designs using input from critical physico-chemical and 3D pose information. This empowers computational and medicinal chemists to continually improve on their ideas and create the optimal molecule design to progress into synthesis. The system removes communication bottlenecks and enhances cross-team cooperation and delivery of new drug candidates.

Watch a live demonstration of Torx Design and learn how it supports both medicinal and computational chemists to coordinate their input to the design of new small molecule chemical entities.

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Managing multiple CRO partnerships with Torx Make™ 

Torx Make_CRO management

Chemists across different locations and organizations are often involved in the delivery of synthesis targets. Deploying a distributed team grants access to different knowledge and skillsets and offers cost benefits. However, it can create complex challenges for efficiently managing the prioritization, assignment and delivery of agreed targets.

Learn how Torx Make simplifies the setup and delivery of synthesis targets by CRO teams involved in different partnering relationships. We demonstrate how targets can be readily set up and all expectations managed with clarity and confidence through secure sharing, communication, alerting and in-application reporting. 

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Improving team working and information delivery across Design-Make-Test-Analyze: Spotlight on compound synthesis

Visualization layersA business challenge facing chemistry teams is capturing ideas, prioritizing compounds for synthesis, planning and coordinating work allocation effectively, and delivering progress updates to the right people at the right time. 

Learn how to group and track compounds within design tickets, assign synthesis of single (or multiple) compounds to individuals, securely share selected compounds and contextual information with external partners, conduct collaborative exchanges, receive updates on changes to the designs and compounds in your project, and view detailed timelines of these status changes. In short, understand how easy it is to know the status of every project compound - in seconds.

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