Improving team working and information delivery across Design-Make-Test-Analyze: Spotlight on molecule design

Date and duration

Date: January 21st 

Time: 4pm GMT, 11am EST

Duration: 45 minutes

Format: Webinar


Molecule design is central to the progression of small molecule discovery projects. All future properties of a molecule are captured at the moment of design and hence it is critical to consider all the information available at the inception of the new idea. Good communication and visibility across a project are needed to prevent wasted resources and duplicated efforts. Without these, a chemist may invest time on a design that has already been attempted and discarded, or chemists working from different locations may even be unknowingly working on the same design. Drug discovery is a dynamic, collaborative process and information sharing shouldn't be reserved for review meetings. 

In this webinar you will learn how to use Torx™ Design to sketch molecule designs using customizable plugins, share ideas with others in the project in an information rich environment, and discuss and collaborate in real time using shared sessions.

About the presenter Tim_Cheeseright-author

After a DPhil in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, Tim gained experience as a medicinal chemist and a molecular modeler at Peptide Therapeutics and Medivir. He then co-founded Cresset, one of the Torx development partners. As CEO at Torx Software, Tim leads the strategy of ensuring all drug discovery teams have access to solutions that streamline processes and shorten development timelines.


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