Torx, a new platform for small molecule discovery chemistry

We are delighted to announce the launch of Torx™, a new platform for small molecule discovery chemistry.

In this release we introduce Torx Design and Torx Make to enable medicinal and synthetic chemists to create innovative new designs, share and review them with colleagues, and track them through synthesis in your own or partner labs.

 New molecule design and hypotesis tracking

New molecule design incorporating 3D, chemical property and nearest neighbor information (left, Torx Design) is connected to hypothesis tracking that enables project teams to track and manage synthetic chemistry efforts (right, Torx Make).

Make better design decisions using all the relevant information you have

Torx Design's flexible interface enables organizations to capture and present diverse information in a single interface that has been created specifically for small molecule design. The underlying workflow provides chemistry designers with a structured process to inspire new ideas while removing duplication.

The unique live shared sessions enable your whole team to contribute towards the best design decision. As designs are complete, they are gathered together into 'Design Sets' that address the same issue and passed forward to Torx Make to track and coordinate their synthesis.

Torx launch announcement figure 1

Figure 1: Torx Design with Designs, Editor, Properties, Viewer and Similarity plugins. Comparing the properties and 3D pose of TD-100094 with similar compounds shows it is favorable for moving forward to the Review stage.

Track compound synthesis from start to finish for enhanced productivity and efficiency

Torx Make is a sophisticated, chemistry aware, tracking solution for managing the synthetic effort of your entire organization, whether using in-house or out-sourced resources. Multiple views enable the management of specific design tickets, individual molecules and re-synthesis samples. The detailed permission and privacy scheme enables sharing of hypotheses, design rationale, synthetic routes or just the molecular structure with external partners. Building on the long and successful history of chemTraX, Torx Make will revolutionize the way you manage your synthetic effort.

Torx launch announcement figure 2

Figure 2: Torx Make tracks both collections of designs ('Design Sets') as single tickets and individual compounds. The rationale behind any design ticket is reviewed by a simple hover action. Tickets can be displayed in multiple ways, here arranged by Chemist with priority markers for the important items.

Revolutionize your Design-Make-Test-Analyze workflow

Torx will inspire chemistry designers with all the information that they need to make the best possible decisions and empower synthetic chemists to manage workloads and prioritize critical synthesis.

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