Accelerating small molecule discovery chemistry by optimizing your Design-Make-Test-Analyze workflow

Coordinating new molecule chemistry through the Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) cycle has never been more important or more challenging. Each project in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can adopt a wide range of strategies such as fragment-based, ligand-based, or structure-based approaches to prosecute candidates for their targets. Combined with these are varied business models which see compounds synthesized across a wide range of geographies and organizations - a situation that has been amplified under COVID-19 induced lockdowns. These effects mean the DMTA cycle is the one common process throughout the majority of projects so it is under pressure to deliver more efficiency at a time when processes naturally segment information.

Torx™ uses DMTA as a guide to manage small molecule chemistry projects to a successful outcome whatever the business model adopted. It provides a central platform for coordination of team work, dissemination of information, and knowledge capture. In a presentation, delivered at the Cresset User Group Meeting, we demonstrated the fundamental principles of Torx and describe Torx Design™ and Torx Make™ in detail, showing how they enable users to take control of their drug discovery process.

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