Helping medicinal chemists design, make and test better compounds

Helping medicinal chemists design, make and test better compounds


With access to more information than ever, medicinal chemists have the opportunity for greater innovation and accelerated drug discovery pipelines. However, this information comes in many different forms and is stored in multiple disparate databases and repositories. The challenge is making sure that key information is readily accessible and delivered to chemists in the desired format, so that the right decisions can be made quickly and confidently.

In this webinar, we will explore how Torx® supports medicinal chemists across each stage of the Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) cycle, by providing a central, secure location for comprehensive information capture and sharing. You will learn how to:

  • Rapidly design new molecules using all the available information and data
  • Track compounds seamlessly through synthesis and profiling across internal and CRO projects
  • Automate assay scheduling for all synthesized compounds and monitor progress in real time
  • Manage the assignment and prioritization of compounds around project demands
  • Improve communication and collaboration between team members across multiple sites/locations
  • Share information securely and privately with internal and external collaborators

About the presenter 


Tim Cheeseright, CEO

After a DPhil in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, Tim Cheeseright gained experience as a medicinal chemist and a molecular modeler at Peptide Therapeutics and Medivir. He then co-founded Cresset, one of the Torx development partners. As CEO at Torx Software, Tim leads the strategy of ensuring all drug discovery teams have access to solutions that streamline processes and shorten development timelines.

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