Introducing ‘A day in the life of a chemist’ series: Learn how Torx® revolutionizes daily tasks to streamline small molecule discovery

Our ‘A day in the life of a chemist’ series will explore different aspects of a ‘typical’ day for chemists working in small molecule discovery research. Taking insights from our team and their personal experiences working in the pharmaceutical industry, we will examine how Torx revolutionizes key tasks to ease life in the laboratory and drive productivity.

The interdisciplinary nature of small molecule discovery means that research chemists are faced with a wide variety of tasks every day, often working with numerous team members and collaborators, both within their organization and externally. Traditionally, chemists would rely on disconnected methods to track, manage and communicate the progress of their ongoing tasks across the Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) workflow, such as spreadsheets to capture data, emails to provide updates on project timelines and presentation slides to deliver new findings and guide review meetings. This can set back the momentum of a project in the following ways:

  • By storing data and information in multiple different locations, e.g., emails, files and shared repositories, it is difficult to search for and locate when required in the future. Therefore, key information may be missed when making project decisions down the line, leading to wasted resources and duplication of effort.
  • The traditional methods of information storage have limited capabilities in recording the specialist information required by a discovery chemist, such as 2D and 3D structural information, synthetic routes and molecule libraries. As a result, unnecessary time is spent transcribing complex information into a ‘readable’ format.

Torx is a chemistry-aware platform that connects all project members in a single web-based application. It delivers a holistic solution that enables users to capture, access and share all relevant information without any delays. Removing non-value adding components of the traditional DMTA workflow fosters cohesive teamwork and allows chemists to spend more time on the science.

Through our ‘A Day in the life of a chemist’ series you will learn more about the specific ways that each of the Torx modules (Design, Make, Test, Analyze) supports research chemists in their daily tasks.

Contact us if you have any questions about how you can make better design decisions and track compound synthesis from start to finish with ease, or request an evaluation to see how to integrate Torx into your workflow.

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