Seamless assay scheduling and management with Torx Test™

In drug discovery, all newly synthesized small molecules must undergo first pass profiling through multiple assays to define SAR and assess the validity of the design hypothesis. Information gathered at this stage is pivotal in steering the project towards a clinical candidate. Although compound synthesis and profiling is often carried out by separate teams, they need to stay connected and communicate with one another to ensure that projects run efficiently. This is routinely achieved via disconnected methods such as spreadsheets, emails, and scheduled calls, and can quickly become an administrative burden.

Torx Test connects chemists and assay scientists through a centralized, web-based platform to streamline request submission, management and results delivery across biological, physico-chemical, ADME and other tests. In our webinar ‘Seamless assay scheduling and management with Torx Test’, we demonstrate how the platform:

  • enhances productivity through automation
  • improves communication across teams
  • facilitates better resource management.

Torx Test enables automatic submission and management of requests upon compound registration through seamless integration with the synthesis management platform, Torx Make™. Follow up tests for compounds already in your inventory can also be easily requested. In return, as a research chemist, you have full visibility over the status of your test requests across all projects, allowing you to monitor progress in real time and know when to expect your results. If you’re part of an assay team, you can allocate your resources effectively around upcoming project demands by having foresight on requests across all departments. Delivering progress updates back to chemistry teams is handled automatically by the system, replacing the need for time-intensive report generation.

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