A day in the life of a chemist


It is very difficult to define a ‘typical’ day in the life of a research chemist. The interdisciplinary nature of drug discovery means that researchers need to plan and perform experiments across biological, medical, pharmaceutical and computational science disciplines.

Researchers will often be juggling multiple projects at once, working across different stages of the drug discovery cycle simultaneously. Each additional project adds further complexity and variation to the working day. These projects will involve collaborating with other team members, or partnering with external organizations and CROs, and so each day is dependent upon a network of other people. Therefore, it is vital that any new information and updates are delivered quickly and clearly, so that research scientists can respond efficiently.

Torx® supports every aspect of a drug discovery workflow, by connecting all team members and project information in a single, web-based platform. By providing secure, open dialogue and information exchange between all project stakeholders, Torx enables clear assignment of tasks and priorities and facilitates better resource management around workload. This way, users can work more efficiently, spending more time on science.

We take a closer look at some of the different aspects involved in drug discovery chemistry. Using personal experiences, we explore the ‘typical’ tasks and challenges that chemists face every day, the traditional methods they use to manage, schedule and perform these tasks and how Torx revolutionizes these processes. Learn how each module of the Torx platform (DesignMakeTest and Analyze) works in synergy to streamline every aspect of the drug discovery cycle, facilitating communication and information delivery in day-to-day activities.

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