Torx 2.0: Accelerate your drug discovery with holistic, connected workflows and communication capabilities across the DMTA cycle

Torx 2.0 DMTA Release WEBINAR


Date: Tuesday June 13th, 2023
Time: 4pm BST / 11am EDT / 8am PDT
Duration: 45 minutes
Format: Webinar


Accelerate your drug discovery with holistic, connected workflows and communication capabilities across the DMTA cycle.

The cloud-native Torx® platform is the only complete DMTA (design-make-test-analyze) solution on the market. It provides chemistry teams with a centralized location to create, share and manage compounds, synthesis and biological testing. By coordinating activities across internal and external teams it streamlines the drug discovery process, for optimum use of time and budgets whilst ensuring that only mission critical information is shared. Torx enables efficient CRO partner collaboration in the Design, Make and Test stages of the DMTA cycle, offering secure communication vital to project success.

Torx® V2.0 introduces a range of new features which extend the scientific reach and improve the usability of the platform- offering a unique capability for the entire DMTA workflow. Extended molecular docking of newly designed compounds to include covalent ligands, enables medicinal chemists to create 3D pose alongside property predictions to assess their suitability for progression. Furthermore, the new integration with CAS SciFinder enables easy interrogation of synthetic feasibility, reagent availability, and patentability issues.

Join us on June 13 for an informative webinar where Dr. Tim Cheeseright, CEO, Torx Software will discuss the key enhancements, features and benefits offered by the latest release.

If you’re unable to attend, request a demo to see how you can inspire your research teams to work together and deliver faster.

About the presenters

Tim Cheeseright

Tim_Cheeseright-authorAfter a DPhil in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, Tim Cheeseright gained experience as a medicinal chemist and a molecular modeler at Peptide Therapeutics and Medivir. He then co-founded Cresset, one of the Torx development partners. As CEO at Torx Software, Tim leads the strategy of ensuring all drug discovery teams have access to solutions that streamline processes and shorten development timelines.

Simon Dawson

Simon Dawson Torx

Simon spent 10 years as a synthetic chemist, specializing in the design and synthesis of peptidomimeticstargeting protein-protein interactions, often in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry. He subsequently moved into Product Management, delivering software solutions and consulting services for several Fortune 500 companies. Simon joined Cresset in November 2022 and is Senior Product Manager for Torx Software.

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